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Eastern Carolina Women’s Center, PA is a private medical practice dedicated to providing high quality and compassionate women’s healthcare services to our patients in every stage of their life. We take pride in serving our patients through our offices in New Bern and Havelock.

Eastern Carolina Women's Center
L-R Back Row: Rolvix H. Patterson, MD, FACOG; Jeffrey A. Michelson, MD, FACOG; Dennis K. Martin, MD, FACOG (retired); John H. Tinga, MD, FACOG; Jeremy Belch, MD; C. Lawrence Parker, MD, FACOG. L-R Front Row: Kristi L. English Brown, MD, FACOG; Melinda B. Michelson, MD, FACOG; Mandy K. Marshburn, CNM, MSN; Paige Moye, MD.



Pelvic organ prolapse and bladder dysfunction and incontinence.


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Robotic Surgery

Overcomes limitations of both traditional and minimally invasive surgery.

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